Wrestlemania 30 : the most shocking result in WWE history 21-1

Wrestlemania 30 : the most shocking result in WWE history 21-1

In professional wrestling, a similar myth was about the legendary streak of one legendary phenomenon. I grew up idolizing one man, who epitomized everything good about the pro wrestling business. When everyone else was enchanted by the promos of The Rock and Steve Austin, I was left in awe of one performer who stood as the corner stone of the industry. The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak was…

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Some Weird information you never know

Some Weird information you never know

Chocolate can be killed dogs. Chocolate affects a dog’s heart and nervous system. A few ounces is enough to kill a small sized dog.

The largest quantity of fish in the world is produced by Japan & Russia.

The leg muscles of a locust are about 1000 times more powerful than an equal weight of human muscle.

First Stock Exchange of America was in Philadelphia & it was established in 1791.


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Esteemed Photos of the 20th Century

Esteemed Photos of the 20th Century

The First Airplane


The moments before and during the flight of the first powered airplane were captured in this beautifully iconic photo in in 1903. Although the height of the flight of the plane was only approximately 20 feet above land, this airplane flight piloted by Orville Wright paved the way for the for many more to come.



This photo depicts the construction of what is…

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Skulls at the Fetish Market in Togo, West Africa

Skulls at the Fetish Market in Togo, West Africa


The largest voodoo market in the World.

Togo’s Akodessewa Fetish Market is recognized as the largest fetish market in the world, a place where Voodoo practitioner can find anything they need for their rituals.Located in the capital city of Lomé, the market has a row of tables piled high with dog heads, elephant feet, chimpanzee paws, desiccated cobras, and gorilla skulls. These are all fetishes,…

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Gateway To Hell

Fiery crater that has been burning since 1971



260 km north of Ashgabat in the middle of the Karakum Desert Soviet geologist found an area rich of gas. While drilling in 1971 one of the drilling rigs collapsed under it’s own weight, leaving a large hole with the diameter of 70 meters.

The Darvaza gas crater or “The Door to Hell” is a 60 meters wide and 20 meters deep hole in the heart of…

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Hats Off! This Korean admiral defeated 333 Japanese ships with only 13 ships!

Hats Off! This Korean admiral defeated 333 Japanese ships with only 13 ships!

Yi Sun-sin was a great leader of Joseon who saved his country on the peril of break down during the Imjin War. In 1592, while the country was in dire crisis with the invasion of Japan, Yi Sun-sin made over 20 times of battles with the Japanese forces and he won all the battles to protect the country and people.

Despite never having received naval training or participating in naval combat prior…

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A human bite may be more dangerous than an animal bite

A human bite may be more dangerous than an animal bite

Human bites that break the skin, like all puncture wounds, have a high risk of infection. They also pose a risk of injury to tendons and joints.

Bites are very common among young children. Children often bite to express anger or other negative feelings.

The wilderness is full of untold dangers that lurk in the forests, lakes, and mountains. Creatures big and small pose huge threats and we’re all…

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Mr. Incredibeard known for his beard enthusiasts crazy designs

Mr. Incredibeard known for his beard enthusiasts crazy designs


29-year-old Isiah Webb is blessed with amazing genes that have helped him grow a truly legendary beard. It’s rare to find men these days with such a thick overgrowth of facial hair. But Webb isn’t content with just having a long beard. He has transformed it into various weird shapes and styles, posted pictures online and watched them go viral.
Webb calls himself ‘Mr. Incredibeard’. “Beards run in…

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